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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions for The Team Manager Version 1.2

Notice - Year 2000 display issue - In using the Team Manager or the Personal Stats Diary, if your schedule does not show the year date properly, you should reset your system date to allow for a four digit year. This can be done by going to system control panel, clicking on the "globe" that says regional settings. Then, when you see a map of the "globe", click on the "Date" tab on the far right, then choose "Short Date" and choose the short date style that looks like this: M/d/yyyy . This will fix the schedule display. However, do not worry, if you choose to do nothing, the date will be correct in the data base, and will print out correctly. 

Note: The Version 1.1 Upgrade is now available and it: lets you choose in the settings menu either 5, 7, or 9 innings for a game which  will allow for calculation of ERA statistics, based on select innings rather that 9.
Easier data entry for dynamic calculations fields.
To properly uninstall a Demo downloaded from the Internet or other Beta versions, See Number 7.
Note: Statistics for the Team Manager are based on Major League Baseball Rules. You can see these with a great rules search engine, an inter league schedule, and much more at
Major League Baseball.
A. The Team Manager
1. Does Team Manager do "real time" stats at the ballpark?
2. In the scheduling part of The Team Manager, can you make a league schedule where all teams in a league get scheduled to play each other?
A. No. You can only make one schedule per database per team. However, Quik-Tek has been researching league scheduling and administration software and concepts for 2 years and the result will be a terrific and incredible League scheduler and administration program, on CD-ROM, built exclusively for Windows 95 and Windows NT.

3. The users manual and software box says that "The Team Manager" is designed for Windows 95/NT. Can I run it in Windows 3.1 as well?
A. No. "The Team Manager" was developed to run exclusively in the 32-bit Windows 95/NT operating system. Windows 3.1 runs as a 16-bit operating system.

4. What is the best way to get someone from Quik-Tek to answer a question about the program?

A. You should email us at Support, with the serial number of your registration card . A data base of every copy sold is kept permanently. If you have other questions, email us, or call and leave a message at 888-445-1656, starting with your registration serial number.

5. What is the benefit of registering the software when you buy it?
A. First, it shows you are a legal licensee. Second, it automatically quality's you for some free upgrades,
and greatly discounted significant upgrades in the future, plus, discounts on other Quit-Tek products.

6. When I put a hyphen in a name on player information, and then try to add the players stats, the program gives me a run time error and stops running, what do I do?
A. That is a small bug we will fix in a patch release soon, for now just don't put a hyphen in the name cells and the program will work fine.

7. Sometimes when I create a starting line-up and try to save it for a game I get a syntax error, and the program quits. Why is this?
A. OK, you caught us. This is a bug in the initial release of "The Team Manager" that we have since corrected. This error was due to a system variable not being initialized until an existing database was loaded. Therefore, if you started "The Team Manager" and immediately created a new file, an error would occur if you attempted to save a starting line-up. However, if you opened an existing file first or reopened the new file after it had thrown you out of the program, the variable was initialized and no error will occur.

8. If I downloaded the "Demo" off the web site or installed a Beta version involved in testing for you , should I uninstall it before installing my new copy of "The Team Manager"?
A. Yes. Never just try to delete a program from Windows 95. You should go to Settings from the Start tool bar, choose Control panel, then choose Add/Remove Programs,
then click on the program "Team Manager " whatever you named it, and then click on Add/Remove and de-install it. Do not remove shared comments. After you are done, (you should get a prompt that says Team Manager could not be totally uninstalled. Then double click on My Computer.
Then double click on C Drive. Then double click on Program files. Then click on The Team Manager folder, or whatever you named it, and choose Delete. (Note: Putting things in the recycling bind will not uninstall them from Windows 95.

9.  In entering batting stats, do I enter total number of times at bat, or at the plate? What is the difference?

A. You enter the total number of official at bats. See Rule 10.02 of Major League Baseball. (A walk, or sacrifice do not count as official at bats. However, for on base percentage and other statistical purposes, you do enter the quantity of walks , etc. in the proper boxes, and the program will automatically calibrate the on base percentage for you. For more information relating to rules, see Major League Baseball .and in particular Major League Baseball Rules ..

10. How do I enter the correct number of innings pitched by my pitcher?
A. "The Team Manager" allows for fractional innings to be entered as the number of innings pitched. While no data validation occurs on the number entered, it is recommended that the innings be entered in thirds using 0.33 for 1/3 and 0.67 for 2/3. For example, a pitcher that pitched for a total of 8 outs during the game would have 2.67 as the number of innings pitched. Please note that the innings pitched field is involved in the calculation of the ERA for the pitcher and requires the digits to be entered singularly (See the FAQ question on multiple digit statistical data entry).

11. Why do I get an error when I have a player with an apostrophe in their name like O’Connor?
A. This is due to the way in which stings are stored in the database queries. They are placed inside single quote marks (apostrophes) to signify that they are the string value. Having an apostrophe in a name or any other entry causes a conflict in the data. Hopefully, future releases will attempt to handle this problem. But, for now, just don't use apostrophes when you enter names.

12. I read in the users manual and on the software box that the output screens can be exported to other software. How do you do this? Can external data be imported into "The Team Manager"?
A. "The Team Manager" has built into its printout feature an export capability. This feature allows for the information that would normally be sent to the printer to be saved to a file instead. The user initiates this process by selecting the print option or print button on the screen containing the information they want to save. A print preview of the output is presented to the user that has a row of icons located along the bottom. One of these icons is a picture of a printer. Selecting that icon causes the document to be sent to the printer. Another icon is that of a suitcase. Selecting this icon allows the user to specify how they would like to save the output to a file. The data can be saved as a text file, tab delimited file, or comma delimited text file. Almost any word processor, spreadsheet, or database program can import these formats. Check your specific software's users manual for the steps involved in this process. External data files cannot be imported into The Team Manager.

13. Why can I edit the players statistics in all of the statistics screens except the teams season summary screen?
A. "The Team Manager" stores the statistical information in a collection of database records that are defined for an individual game and player. Summary information is not stored, but calculated. In addition, which game record would you modify if you changed a players season total number of hits? You can see that this would pose a dilemma for any of the statistic entries, so it is not allowed.
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