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"The Team Manager" 
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Now, The World's Greatest team management, statistical program . 
From the standpoint of modern software and technology 
(Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP(New), 32 bit application), by far this program is not only the greatest, 
but the absolute best there ever has been! 
Lap top owners, The Team Manager  in conjuction with, can create and publish to the web   Real Time game stats at the game with just a few mouse clicks. 
The only major sports software ever shown at a major Sporting Goods Industry trade show. 
(The Southeastern Team Show, Inc.  See the Show Highlights from Atlanta, Ga. Nov. 22 & 23.  Not open to the public.) And highlights from the 1998 Sporting Goods Super Show. 
The one the coach, manager, and statistician has always longed for. 
The one that took 2 years and several hundred thousands of dollars to build. 
The real one, over 8 MEGS real.- Not a toy. 
The one that absolutely will work well into the year 2000 and decades beyond. 
The one that helps the coach plan before, during, and after the game.

About The Program  The program allows easy sorting and printing for entire games, statistics for the whole team, and entire season statistics for the whole team. All statistical boxes are interactive, data input automatically saves to HD, and all calculations are dynamic.

Number of bats Batting average Bases on balls
Total hits On base percentage  RBIs (Runs Batted In)
Runs scored Strike outs Sacrifices 
Single base hits  Double base hits Triple base hits 
Home runs  Total Bases (Calculated) Stolen bases 
Automatically tally's totals or cumulative averages for all of these categories.

Fielding chances Put outs Assists Errors
Calculates fielding percentage Automatic totals and cumulative averages

Innings pitched Batters Faced Hits
Runs Earned Runs Earned Run Average
Single base hits 2 base hits 3 base hits
Home runs Bases on balls Strike outs.
Hit Batters Wild Pitches Balks
Automatically totals all fields and gives cumulative averages.

And more! List players alphabetically 
Print batting lineups 
Print team schedules  
Print team phone list 
A special data area for coaches. 
Perform all of the same functions for multiple teams 
Multiple year use, even goes beyond the year 2000 (Y2K Compliant)

The program comes on CD-ROM only, and runs on Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP/(New) and Windows NT only. This program is a 32 bit application. The recommended system to run the program is 486DX100 or better, 16 MB RAM, 5 MB Hard Disk Space.

The Team Manager uses sound effects and is interactive. Pop up definitions on abbreviated boxes, pop up menus, click and drag operations, and copy and paste are used extensively. Data files are automatically saved and can be exported to word processors, spreadsheets, and databases.

Additional products are being planed. A league scheduling program is under development, as are other baseball and softball related products including score books, lineup cards, etc. The possibility of a Spanish version of The Team Manager is being investigated.

Users should take the serialized registration card seriously and mail it in. No support, free or bill able upgrades will be offered without being a registered user.

We believe The Team Manager is the best product of its kind.
Please feel free to contact us
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