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The Team Manager Version 1.1 Upgrade 10-28-97
 The Team Manager, V 1.1 upgrade is a magnificent improvement in some areas over 1.0
1.  Now dynamically do  multi-digit calculations   without having to reenter the cell. For example
2.  Double digit entry of data in stats cells, still keeping dynamic calculations.
3.  Choose innings for game. Choose innings for the game, either 5, 6, 7, 8,  or 9. ERA (Earned Run Average ) stats will be calculated accordingly.

The Team Manager Upgrade file corrects some of the problems and limitations that have been found in the original release version of the software. First, the issue of entering multiple digit data in fields that are
 involved in dynamic calculations has been addressed.  The original software would require the user to repeatedly select the field when entering data.  Each time the user entered a digit the dynamic calculation would cause the
software to re-select the field.  This was very annoying.  This problem has  now been corrected.  The dynamic calculations are completed without  interfering with the users data entry.  For example,  the user can easily
 enter the number of innings pitched in fractional innings such as 3.67  without ever having to re-select the data field.  This is a vast  improvement.

Also, in the original version of the Team Manager, the number of innings  in a standard baseball game was assumed to be nine .  This parameter is  used in the ERA calculation for pitchers.  However, some leagues use a
 seven inning game, others use five, etc.  Therefore, in the upgraded  version of the Team Manager, the user can specify how many innings  constitute a standard game.  This is done by selecting the innings per game
 item from the settings menu.  The number is required to be a positive  integer.  All future ERA calculations will then be based on this number of  innings.

Installing the 1.1 Upgrade. Fully install The Team Manager Program CD-ROM disk first. Then, put the 1.1 upgrade in  Drive A. Launch Microsoft Explorer. Click on The Team Manager in the programs section on left. Then, click on your  Drive A . Highlight the file Teammgr.exe file, its size should be 919 KB. Then, drag it over to The Team Manager file on the left . On the prompt, overwrite existing file, choose yes to that file only. Then you are set.
Team Manager V1.1.doc 12-22-97
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