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Total Body Fitness - Total Body Relaxation

The WonderSpa is a fully fiberglass
product which features two powerful
swim jets for a swimming experience
similar to that of the U.S.Olympic
Swim Team. Eight strategically placed
spa jets provide soothing

The WonderSpa can be placed
above ground or in ground and comes
with all pipefittings inserted into the
shell for quick and easy installation.

A state-of-the-art cartridge filter and
ionization system provide crystal clear
water at a fraction of the cost of
conventional systems while the
fiberglass shell is virtually maintence
free. Enjoy year-round usage with the
powerful electric heater and thrill to
the color brilliance of the optional
fiberoptic cable lighting system.

The WonderSpa features the
revolutionary new exercise device, the
LanAquaCizer, for unlimited
swimming, exciting new water
exercises, and a unique way of jogging
on land.

The WonderSpa comes in two sizes
to fit your special needs. Our popular
8 x 16 x 4 model is ideal for home
fun and fitness, while the spacious 12
x 24 x 4 is perfect for health clubs,
hotels, and other institutions wanting to
develop a water exercise and swim

Safety is always a concern when
dealing with spas and pools, and the
Wonderspa is your answer. Since
the Wonderspa is four feet deep no
diving should be performed in it thus
eliminating the potential for diving
injury. And because the WonderSpa
is smaller than convential pools many
owners enclose it in a small structure
which allows total control over access
to and use of the WonderSpa.
Finally, homeowners of the
WonderSpa avoid the health risks of
using public pools.

Priced thousands less and with
features no other swim spa has, the
WonderSpa is your key to future
health and happiness. In addition, the
8 x 16 model is shipped by common
carrier, rather than FOB, to further
increase your savings. Remember it's
fitness and fun all in one!