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clip1.rm               11-Nov-1999 16:45   6.3M  Video of " sporting goods products show, with gloves, bat, team uniforms,

                                                    with belt and socks, inflateable, acrylic trophies, (exclusively new products.
                                                    general store information. Still pictures.

[   ]
clip2.rm               11-Nov-1999 16:47   2.1M  Mini seminar, (beginners) on engraving, onsite at Rousseau's,

                                 Still pictures.  includes actual engraving job running on computerized engraver.

[   ]
clip3.rm               11-Nov-1999 16:50   2.9M  Mini screen print seminar, beginners, actual jersey screen printed in

                            Still pictures.          demo, shows Rousseau's massive in-house capacity for quantity imprinting.

[   ]
clip4.rm               11-Nov-1999 16:53   2.0M  Trophy assembly department. How trophies are built, example of

                                                        how figurines can be changed out. How models can be modified.

Still pictures.

[   ]
clip5.rm               11-Nov-1999 16:55   1.8M   Plaque/desk set display room, at Rousseau's, many are custom made

                                                        example of trophy award featuring built in tape recorder, to
                                                        customize your own audio message to the recipient. Still pictures.

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